Sneezing Facts

All through our lives, we have sneezed for at least ten times since we started living in this world. But what is sneezing? Do you know what the difference between sneezing during ancient times is? Yes there is an ancient belief about sneezing where you’d discover why we say a certain word after doing it.

People used to believe that when someone sneezes, their soul escapes through their nose. Your body forces out your soul that’s why people say “Bless you”. Bless you in the ancient times was said because they believe that the devil will claim the soul. In other beliefs, they see people sneezing as the devil trying to replace the soul that inhibited the body.

There was also a belief that the heart will stop for a few second when people sneeze. People say “bless you” because they welcome the soul back in the body.

It’s funny to know how people used to react to sneezing back then. We’d have that bizarre ideas about things.
Sneezing happens when you get an irritation or a tickle inside your nose. When people sneeze without anything holding it off in front of them, they spill out millions of germs out in the air. Their abdomen contracts and then the body can sometimes flip forward in a matter of seconds when sneezing.

There are people that sneeze because of the sunlight. Sneezing is a sign that we have a cold or any upcoming allergy.

If and when we sneeze, covering it with our hands is a bad idea. Using your hands to cover your sneeze will only make the germs that you spilled out susceptible to being transferred to someone else. Everyone agrees that the best way for someone to sneeze is to catch it with your elbow pit because this is the place where there is a least chance of your germs being transferred. Not unless someone holds your elbow pit.
Having a handkerchief in your pocket is very important. Covering your nose and your mouth should be done so you can save other people from that germ of yours.

Sneezing is very relieving to the body. After I sneeze, I usually would feel better as if something was just out of my system. Not sneezing would usually ruin my day because it’s just that irritating.

The next time you sneeze, you may want to think about these facts and share it to someone.

To know more about this article, you can proceed to The Health Authority website


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