Sneezing and Three Important Homeopathic Medicines to Help Resolve Them

Sneezing can be the onset of a cold or flu. It can just be the main symptom of hay fever. Or it can occur on its own, briefly. It can come as a single sneeze, or be in spams of several sneezes one rapidly after the other. So rapid, in fact, that it’s hard to catch your breath in between.

If sneezing is a symptom on its own, either because nothing else develops, or because you haven’t reached that stage yet, then these homeopathic medicines may be of help to you. However, if other symptoms accompany the sneezes, then the following medicines may not be appropriate for you.

You need to look for the uppermost, or most debilitating symptom.

Spasms are obviously the most important symptoms to deal with, but lets look at some other types first. If your sneezing comes on quite suddenly, almost out of the blue, then the homeopathic medicine Aconite will probably resolve it easily and quickly. This is also the best medicine if it occurs after a strong dry wind and/or in the middle of the night.

Dry winds occur when they have passed over large land areas before they get to you. So depending on which part of the world you live in, you need to know if dry winds are easterly or westerly. In western Australia, the dry winds are easterly, straight off the desert. Spring and summer, when these winds blow, are the times that most allergy sufferers need Aconite.

But Aconite can also be a great medicine for allergies to flower pollen, too. If you get violent attacks when you walk into a hot or stuffy room, the homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is probably the best one for you. If you get spasms, of ten or even more sneezes at a time, then the homeopathic medicine Sabadilla is likely to do you the most good.

Home prescribing homeopathic medicines can be bought from homeopathic pharmacies, health shops, some chemists and online. If you don’t get relief from your sneezing after taking about six doses of the medicine you chose, it may not be the right one for you. So stop taking it.

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