Sneeze Free Allergy Season

Spring is in the air and unfortunately, so are allergies. Use these tips and products that are dedicated to stop itchy, watery eyes and uncontrollable sneezing!

Start in your household. Kick your old vacuum cleaner to the curb and try a new and improved HEPA vacuum. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. These vacuums eat cookie crumbs and clean the air. Ol’ fashioned vacuums lift dust and spit it back into the air, causing your allergies to flare. It may be a big purchase, but it’s worth the cost.
Pod Purifiers. Keep your home dcor stylish with the AirPod Purifier. These mod accessories will suck in the bad and expel the good. The lustrous look of an iPod dock and the power of a HEPA filter will help you wave buh-bye to those pesky allergies.
Defend allergies with detergent. Washing your trendy spring wardrobe in Seven Generation laundry detergent will also help in the fight against allergens. This detergent is not only hypoallergenic, but also made from non-toxic and biodegrable products. Don’t forget to throw your bedding in the wash bi-weekly to zap dust mites and cat dander. No more staying up because your nose is running!

Upgrade your pet. Are you in a kitty-phobic household because of allergies? Have no fear, you can still get Fluffy. It just may cost you a pretty penny or two, or three, or four. The going rate for an allergy free furball is $3,950.00. Bred in Los Angeles, the Allerca hypoallergenic cat looks like any other average cat, but won’t cause you to go into a sneezing frenzy.

Push away pollen. Avoid close contact with pollens if possible. Avoid working outside during allergy season, especially during early mornings on warm, dry, breezy days. If you are outdoorsy, pick up a facemask, designed to filter pollen from entering your nasal passages. Try keeping doors and windows shut during peak pollen producing times as well. Don’t let it ruin your vacation though. Instead, get away to beach areas where you will be exposed to minimum pollen.
Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Here’s to a sneeze free spring season!

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