Babies Sneezing

A lot of mothers are concerned about their babies’ sneezing, thinking that they might have caught a cold or they might be allergic to something. The truth is that sneezing is very frequently encountered with babies, but it is also harmless in most of the cases. The fact that your baby is sneezing doesn’t necessarily mean that they are sick. There can be a lot of causes and this is often good for them because it helps with their respiratory ways and prevents infections and flu.

There can be a lot of explanations for why your baby sneezes. First of all, this may be a way of releasing their respiratory ways or they can clean their throat if they sneeze. Also, it can be a reaction to different things around them, such as dust, animals, smoke, meaning that their respiratory ways are irritated. Also, this may be their way of getting accustomed to the world around them especially during the first month. In fact, this can even be the way they get accustomed to breathing.

During the winter, the dry air in the house can contribute to their nasal irritation, turning sneezing into a problem. Of course, you can treat it with nose drops based on salty water. Also, you can put a bowl with water on the radiator so that there is more humidity in the air. Sneezing can also be a sign that your baby is eliminating the impurities in their body.

Whichever the cause is, you should know that you should never stop your baby from sneezing. Therefore, don’t panic anymore if your baby starts sneezing because it is usually normal for their age.

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