Try This If Your Cat is Sneezing Constantly

Are you trying to stop cat sneezing? Much like in humans, it is not uncommon for a cat to sneeze. If, however, your cat is sneezing constantly, there could be an issue other than a little dust in the nose. To stop cat sneezing we need to look at the dynamics behind why your cat is sneezing.

Your cat may simply have stuck his inquisitive nose in something that has lodged in his nasal passage. He explores his world with his nose first and foremost. If you notice he sneezes when he goes to a certain area of the house, or after being outside, he has just got an outside source tickling his nostrils. This is a common occurrence and is not dangerous.

Another cause of cat sneezing is internal. If bacteria have lodged in your pet’s mouth or lungs, your cat is sneezing because his body is trying to rid him of a nasty infection. Again, this could be a serious viral infection, or it could be a short term cold or virus that dies off after a few days. To stop cat sneezing when the sneezing cause is infection requires a little more attention and concern.

Since there is no way of telling whether chronic cat sneezing is a forty-eight hour bug, or a nastier affliction, you need to take action immediately to stop any further growth of bacteria or virus. You know how you feel when you have a head or sinus cold. You are weak and stuffy and feel like doing nothing. You basically feel miserable. Your cat feels pretty much the same right now, and it is up to you to return her to the loving, fun little playmate you have come to know.

What do you do to stop cat sneezing? When a cat is sneezing chronically, you can take the traditional route and call a vet. This may mean missing work. It will certainly mean wrestling your poor kitty into a carrier, and watching helplessly as the vet sticks and prods your feline friend. The original cat sneezing diagnosis either will or will not work, and you may have to return to the vet. Then there is always the skulking around the house and distrusting looks your cat gives you when you get home. Don’t forget the couple of hundred dollars or more that will leave your wallet, too.

There are options when your cat is sneezing. Some people prefer to use natural, homeopathic, chemical-free treatments they can apply at home. At a minuscule portion of the vet’s cost, this is a good way to attempt to stop cat sneezing before you take the vet route. Some treatments are as simple as putting a couple of drops on your cat’s tongue. Also, if you have kittens, older cats, or pregnant moms, traditional vaccines can be dangerous. Natural cures are safe for all ages, and can help you stop cat sneezing when your sick little cat is sneezing, without the huge bill.

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