Sneezing Cat Behavior

A sneezing cat will always put a big question mark on your head. There are so many causes to sneeze. Sometimes the causes are very minor and can be ignored while in some cases, the sneezing is caused by something very serious. This cat sickness is common and it is very likely that it will go through some sort of sneezing stage. The cause can be one or more of the following.

Sneezing cat can be caused by a herpes ailment. When it is still a kitten, the veterinarian will give them shots to combat against herpes. If it was not vaccinated in their early stages then there is a chance that they will contract the herpes and start sneezing. If you notice flare ups and breakouts with your cat then you should bring them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

The sneezing can also be caused by the leukemia virus. Again, this is another ailment that has a vaccine. If they were not vaccinated when they were young then there is a chance that they will contract the illness. When the cat contracts this cat sickness, their immune system will become weak and they will keep sneezing.

The aforementioned causes of a sneezing cat are the more serious reasons. Here are the less serious reasons for sneezing cat. Cats normally use their nose when they check out their environment. There are times where they will keep sniffing on all sorts of things that their noses will become irritated. Sometimes a cat may have inhaled something that is irritating their nasal membranes. When cats inhale pollen and dust they may sneeze a lot.

A sneezing cat may also be causes by a dental problem. If your cat has dental disease then there is a chance that the dental irritants will affect the breathing of the cat which will cause them to sneeze. If you want to find out if the sneezing cat is caused by dental problems then look at their mouth and inspect it. Usually, there will be redness, swelling, and signs of tooth decay.

There are many causes for a sneezing cat and you should be able to spot them. If you are having a hard time determining what is causing your cat to sneeze then you should bring them to their veterinarian for a check up.

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