Excessive Sneezing in Cats

If your cat is picking up dust or some other irritant from the same place frequently, a little detective work may lead you to the offending source. Excessive sneezing in cats is not always a sign of a major problem.

Sometimes however, excessive sneezing in cats is just what it appears to be; a chronic problem due to allergies in cats. There are a lot of factors to look at and consider when your cat sneezes frequently.

The first thing you should do is look for simultaneous symptoms. If excessive sneezing in cats is accompanied by your cat coughing, or a solid discharge, this may be a sign of allergies in cats, and the time to treat is now!

Some people use human Benadryl for cats and dogs that are sick, but there is a reason this is a human drug. Cats can have a basically harmless problem like sneezing escalate into a serious affliction. That is why treating your lovable little fur-ball quickly and correctly is so important.

These extra symptoms usually mean the presence of a flu or virus when your cat sneezes frequently. Upper respiratory issues can also be caused by a bacterial infection. Excessive sneezing in cats means that your feline friend’s immune system has started to decline.

This is where bacteria steps in and creates a bigger problem. If your cat is treated immediately as soon as sneezing symptoms are noted, these more serious problems can sometimes be avoided.

So how do you treat your furry little companion? I have always been a fan of creating a “Cat Medicine Cabinet” just like you have for yourself. The next time your cat sneezes frequently, you can treat immediately, and get a huge head-start on defending your cat’s health.

Some natural cures treat the entire upper respiratory system, and can be used for sneezing, coughing, hacking and nasal discharge. Having this on hand in advance can save you hundreds in veterinarian’s fees.

Some veterinarians espouse safe, natural, homeopathic cures as opposed to traditional chemical cures and vaccines. Accordingly, many vets and pet experts actually believe that the cures and medicines that society has used regularly actually increase your pet’s chance of contracting chronic disease, and shortens his lifespan. This is only one argument for the application of natural, homeopathic cures for excessive sneezing in cats and other symptoms.

When naturally occurring herbs and minerals are used to treat excessive sneezing in cats, there are no dangerous side effects. Every vet will tell you that if you do not know if your cat is allergic to a certain type of antibiotic or medicine, the side effect can be more serious than the cure. This is not the case when natural cures are used, and the cost is minuscule compared to vet’s bills.

You love your pet and want only the safest, most effective natural remedies. Read testimonials at http://catsneezingandrunnynose.wordpress.com/ about curing Excessive Cat Sneezing.


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