Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing!

What a strange thing it is to hear your dog sneeze and sneeze, one after another just like a human! It’s quite entertaining. Well, at first, anyway. The more it happens though, the more you start to wonder if your dog’s OK. When you bring home a puppy it’s even more stressful. Often the sneeze is brought on after being in a kennel for a period of time. Let’s look at a few potential causes.

Dogs do sometimes sneeze for the same reasons we do. Dust in the air, an allergen such as pollen, or other irritants. A dog’s body will try to get rid of a foreign object just like our human bodies do.

One illness that causes sneezing, and should not be dealt with lightly, is distemper. Sneezing is one of the main symptoms and if you have just brought your dog home from some time spent at a kennel or in close proximity to other dogs, in general, this may be a real concern. You will need to see the Vet for an accurate diagnosis but just know that this is a real threat.

Other potential illnesses that sneezing is a symptom of are tick borne illnesses. It may be harder to notice since because unlike distemper, which is mainly “caught”in a kennel atmosphere, ticks are everywhere so you don’t necessarily think about them right away. If you are in a wooded area, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for symptoms caused by illnesses ticks bring.

If your dog is allergic to other animals in the house, he may do a lot of sneezing. This certainly is a potential cause. Many individuals can’t imagine their dogs being allergic to other animals but it happens often. Especially in regards to cats. Yes, that puts you in a difficult situation but it’s a legitimate cause so be open to that possibility.

In worse case scenarios, tumors have been known to make dogs sneeze. If nothing is working to help with your dog’s nose issues, a trip to the Vet may be in order. It won’t harm your pup to get checked out by a professional, especially if it will diagnose a problem early on.

Have you thought about his dog food? Yes, some dogs are allergic to different kinds of food. Even different flavors. If you want to switch him, do it gradually and not too often. Do your research when it comes to dog foods. Some of them do more harm than good and it will be worth your time to research different kinds.

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